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CBD Christmas trifle with whipped cream

Not everyone is a fan of Christmas pudding so instead, we’ve put together this easy and quintessential recipe with a twist for a joyful Christmas dessert.

Serves 8.


  • 160g sponge cake (trifle sponges), halved and pre-cut into thick slices 
  • 135g gelatin (jello)
  • 300g frozen strawberries (or raspberries)
  • 500ml thick custard (use vegan alternative if you prefer)
  • 3 tbsp sweet sherry (fruit juice for a non-alcoholic version)
  • 500ml whipped cream (use dairy-free alternatives if you prefer)
  • 4 full pipettes of 1500mg Celtic Wind’s CBD Oil (please do not exceed the recommended dosage)


  1. Add the pieces of sponge cake into a trifle bowl, coat with the sherry (or fruit juice) and let it soak for 5 minutes.
  2. Lay fruit evenly over the sponge.
  3. Place the gelatin into a microwaveable jug and cover with 100ml of cold water. Microwave for 1 min (750 watts), stir well and add 470ml of cold water into the pitcher.
  4. Pour the jug into the trifle bowl, covering the fruit and refrigerate until set.
  5. In a separate bowl or container, mix the oil into the custard & then add and spread this on top of the set trifle mixtures.
  6. Add a thick layer of whipped cream.
  7. Decorate with chopped fruit and enjoy!


For more delightful CBD infused Christmas recipes, please visit Nature and Bloom

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