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ecoXpress - Our New Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Delivery Courier

As with our packaging, getting our products to you is an unavoidable necessity. We’re always looking for ways to redu...

A Guide to Recycling our Products

Recycling is converting waste into reusable material.  Ireland is ahead of the EU targets by 13% as our overall recyc...

Hemp: The Answer to Sustainable Farming

The hemp industry cannot be overlooked with all the advantages it brings.  When you support the hemp industry, it mak...

Top 10 Hemp Sustainability Facts

Sustainability, pollution, and carbon footprint are increasingly important issues and are becoming well known to peop...

Putting the Planet First with Sustainable Packaging

Packaging is necessary for every company; we can’t escape it.  But we should consider the environmental impact of pac...

The Future of Hemp and Climate Change

Hemp and climate change are intrinsically connected. From changing weather patterns to soil quality, climate change d...

Using the Irish-Grown Hemp Plant

Hemp is not native to Ireland but based on the available archaeological evidence we know it has been utilised here fo...
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