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How to Make the Perfect Cup of CBD Tea or Coffee

CBD tea or coffee is growing in popularity. Tea and coffee both have plenty of health benefits like controlling blood sugar levels, managing body weight, and also hosting a range of antioxidant properties. For some people, their ideal way of starting the day is with a cup of coffee or tea, and who could blame them for their aromatics and caffeine boosting abilities.


CBD is also another exceptional way to start your morning and carries plenty of possibilities that might to set you off on the best possible start. So, why wouldn’t you combine your favourite hot beverage with hemp CBD oil?


Infusing Hot Drinks with Hemp CBD:

Use your CBD oil dropper to measure out your normal dose and drop them directly into the tea or coffee. Stir vigorously. Oil and water don’t mix. CBD oil will float to the top of the drink but don’t fret, we have a fix for this. Add whole milk, plant-based milk (e.g., hemp milk) or coconut oil to help absorb the CBD oil as CBD loves to bind with fat molecules.      

By adding the fats, your tea or coffee will feel thickened.

Unrefined CBD oil has a nutty, grassy flavour - so, it will alter the taste of your coffee or tea a little bit. Adding sweetener will remove any earthy taste if it doesn’t agree with you but we think the earthy notes are the perfect addition to any hot beverage.


CBD Products for Making CBD Tea and Coffee

 For making tea or coffee, it is best to go with the aforementioned multi-complex CBD oil.

Multi-Complex CBD Oil

 This CBD oil comes in different strengths and ranges from 3% for beginners to 10% for seasoned users. Regardless of the strength, the same nutritional properties are always present. In addition to CBD, you also get a great dose of Omega-6, 9, terpenes, and flavonoids in this full spectrum, unrefined oil. This CBD oil is completely natural, contains no chemicals or pesticides, is vegan, and is 100% hemp plant CBD oil.

 The one drawback with using the oil in your hot drink is - as we’ve learned - that oil and water don’t mix. So, it needs a fat product to bind with and needs a little extra stirring. But all good things take time and effort.


Do’s & Don’ts:

We like to think of CBD tea and coffee as an art form and there are methods you can follow to perfect the art of CBD beverages. So, we’ve outlined dos and don’ts of CBD coffee and tea making. By following these steps, you can make sure the end product will be amazing.


Starting with the Dos:

  • Research your CBD before adding it to your tea or coffee: CBD is not water-soluble, so it will need fat to bind to therefore add some milk, plant-based milk (e.g., hemp milk) or coconut oil to your hot beverage.
  • Figure out what tea and coffee blends you like: This might seem like a silly or unnecessary step, but if your someone who doesn’t enjoy the taste of CBD then finding the right blend of tea and coffee that will effectively mask the taste is imperative.
  • How do you like your tea or coffee: In terms of how concentrated your CBD tea or coffee should be, is down to your personal preference and experience with CBD. We recommend 1 full dropper per day of your chosen CBD oil. Please do not exceed the daily recommended intake of CBD.


The Don’ts:

  • Don’t forget the fat: If you’re using an unrefined CBD oil, make sure you add a fat so that you avail of all the full bioavailability in the CBD.
  • Don’t swim in uncharted waters: If you’ve never tried CBD coffee or tea, be aware that the CBD might leave a bit of an aftertaste depending on the blend you choose. Top tip: if you like hazelnut coffees, you’ll enjoy a CBD coffee.

 These are just tips and tricks to help you achieve the best tasting CBD tea and coffees, as well as taking cautious steps before you enrich your hot drink with CBD.

 Now that we’ve talked about the steps to take before embarking on making a hot drink - let’s make some! Here are our favourite CBD tea and coffee recipes:


CBD Tea:

 Lemon & Honey CBD Tea

What’ll you need:
  • Black tea, loose, or bagged
  • A lemon
  • Honey
  • Full-fat milk or cream or a plant-based alternative
  • A cinnamon stick
  • Hot water
  • Celtic Wind Multi-Complex Hemp CBD Oil
  1. Grab a cup and boil your water. While the kettle is boiling, place some lemon rind, honey, the tea bags, and cinnamon into the glass
  2. Once the water is boil, fill the cup with hot water and leave to steep for 3-5 minutes
  3. Give it a good stir, remove the teabag
  4. Add your desired amount of CBD oil and stir
  5. Add your full-fat milk
  6. Stir to combine
  7. Enjoy!


CBD Coffee:

 CBD Americano

 What you’ll need:

  • Coarsely ground coffee - preferably a medium roast
  • A French press
  • Full-fat milk or a plant-based alternative
  • Milk frothier
  • Sweetener of your choice
  • Celtic Wind Multi-Complex Hemp CBD Oil


  1. Place your coarsely ground coffee grounds into a preheated French press. It is vital the coffee is coarsely ground as we are using a submersion method to brew the coffee
  2. Pour in hot water and leave to brew for 5-7 minutes
  3. While the coffee is brewing, place your chosen milk into the microwave for 1-2 minutes
  4. Once the milk is hot, use your milk frothier to cream and froth the milk.
  5. Continue to froth until the milk looks almost like wet paint
  6. Plunge your coffee and pour it into your cup
  7. Add your desired amount of CBD oil and stir
  8. Add sugar, sweeter of your choice (optional)
  9. Pour your frothed milk gently atop the coffee
  10. Stir to incorporate
  11. Enjoy!

 For reliable, whole-hemp plant seed products, shop Celtic Wind. Click here to see our range.

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