BODY OIL (200MG) 100ML - How to use

We’ve blended the exotic essential oil, May Chang, with sweet almond oil to create a luxurious moisturising whole body oil. May Chang is a wonderfully revitalising citrus scent with toning and refreshing qualities, which we’ve combined with the antioxidant properties of Sweet Almond Oil and our 100% natural hemp CBD. Together they’re the perfect tonic to refresh and revitalise the skin, while its astringent properties have a tightening and firming effect.


How to use:

  • Apply directly after showering
  • While still standing in the shower, sweep most of the heavy moisture from your skin with your hands and then massage the oil in
  • Water has two benefits when applying oils to the skin: firstly it helps the oil to penetrate the skin (oil applied to dry skin will coat the skin but won't sink in) and secondly the oil will lock the water into the skin, helping to increase hydration of the upper levels
  • Gently pat body dry with a towel to avoid removing any oil remaining on the surface


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