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Miron Violet Glass

Here at Celtic Wind, it has always been important to us to research the best quality materials to use in our processes that are going to be beneficial and protect our products.

This is why we use Miron Violet Glass bottles for our oil products.

What is Miron Violet Glass?

  • It is a unique glass.
  • It protects products from harmful sun rays but also allows the beneficial rays (ultraviolet & infrared) through.
  • By allowing the beneficial rays through, it enhances the natural quality of the product, meaning it will last longer and be protected for longer.
  • The bottles are recyclable or can be washed and reused at home.



Although light energy is responsible in the growing process, once a product is formed it can then be the cause of the degradation of products.

Independent research was carried out by Enerlab to look at the effects on natural products in different containers when they are exposed to light.

  • 7 products were tested - one being a Lipsomal Hemp Extract and another Raw CBD oil (please note, these were not Celtic Wind’s CBD oils. However, our oil is also a natural, raw CBD oil).
  • Products were tested in different glass containers: transparent, green, amber, black and Miron’s violet glass.
  • The measurement of Biophotons was used to determine the effects on the products.
  • Biophotons are light particles that are generated by plants, animals, humans and almost all living things.
  • The more Biophotons in a product, the healthier the product, and can be stored for longer.
  • Enerlab measured the amount of Biophotons using Relative Light Units across 74 days for each product in each glass container.
  • Relative Light Units (RLU) is the measurement used to determine the quantity and intensity of the biophotons.


  • Degradation of products using transparent glass were the most extreme.
  • The black and amber glass were not as high but still showed degradation.
  • Miron Violet glass outperformed them all. Not only did the Biophotons remain, but they actually increased in the Miron bottles.


First measurement (RLU)

Transparent Glass end measurement (RLU)

Amber Glass end measurement (RLU)

Black Glass end measurement (RLU)

Miron Violet Glass end measurement (RLU)

Raw CBD Oil






Lipsomal CBD Oil






 *Information taken from the study’s results and extracted from Enerlab’s results table.

*Measurement is in Relative Light Units (RLU) – this is the measurement used to determine the quantity and intensity of the biophotons. 


  • For the Raw CBD Oil & Lipsomal CBD Oil, the other glass bottles all caused degradation of the product.
  • In the Miron violet glass bottles the measurement actually increased (which also happened for all products).
  • Not only did it increase, but it increased by a significant amount for the Raw CBD Oil & the Lipsomal CBD Oil in comparison to the other materials.
  • This could be due to only using natural ingredients and natural processes.
  • The increase in the measurement of biophotons shows how Miron Violetglass protects its contents by reducing the harmful rays from entering but allowing the beneficial lights rays through.

This research has shown the importance of packaging on natural products and the quality that can be maintained for longer.

The sustainability ethos of Celtic Wind is one of the reasons why we do not use outer packaging for our bottles. Using the Miron Violet Glass bottles means that we do not need to use extra packaging for our products, such as a box, because our products are so well protected in their bottle. Most products also need to be stored in a cool, dark place to avoid degradation. Although we always suggest doing this, Miron has taken this condition away and provided that extra level of protection to ensure the best quality is maintained. The quality that is given by the Miron Violet Glass ensures our bottle packaging fits in line with our sustainability policy to reduce packaging waste. 

Therefore, we can be sure that our 100% natural products are best stored in the Miron Violet Glass bottles and why we are proud to use them.

The proof is in the research that they are the best quality glass to protect our premium products as we can be sure that Miron Violet Glass maintains the natural goodness in every bottle.





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