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5 Autumn Facts

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to enjoy the vibrant colours on display in nature and the cozy atmosphere that this time of year brings!

Here are a few facts to welcome in Autumn!

  1. Changing Leaves: One of the most iconic features of Autumn is the vibrant display of changing leaves. The green pigments in leaves start to break down, revealing the beautiful red, orange, and yellow hues. This process is triggered by shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures.
  2. Harvest Season: Autumn is often associated with the harvest season, as many crops and fruits reach their peak ripeness during this time. It's a time for farmers to gather their crops and for communities to celebrate with harvest festivals.
  3. Equinoxes: Autumn begins with the Autumnal Equinox, when the length of day and night is nearly equal. This occurs around September 22-23 in the Northern Hemisphere and March 20-21 in the Southern Hemisphere.
  4. Animal Migrations: Many animal species, such as birds and butterflies, migrate during the Autumn months to find warmer climates or better food sources. This seasonal movement is a fascinating phenomenon in the natural world.
  5. Cultural Celebrations: Autumn is the backdrop for various cultural celebrations and festivals around the world. For example, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Diwali, and the Mid-Autumn Festival are all celebrated during this season, each with its own unique traditions and significance.

These facts showcase the beauty, changes, and cultural significance of the autumn season.

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