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Skin Conditions

Skin Disorders can vary significantly in symptoms and seriousness. These disorders may cause rashes, inflammation, itchiness and pain. Some disorders are genetic while lifestyle factors, especially diet, may be the cause of others.  

While many skin disorders are relatively minor, some are more serious, and you should speak to your doctor if you are worried. Below is a list of some of the more common skin disorders. 


Dermatitis or rashes. Irritated or swollen skin. Usually caused by other disease, irritating substances, allergies and genetics. 


Hives (Urticaria). Itchy bumps. Usually caused by an allergic reaction to drugs or food. 


Acne (Pimple). Unknown causes. Little evidence that food is causing it. Stress doesn’t cause it either, but it makes it worse. Hormonal changes are the most likely explanation. 


Rosacea. Flushing and facial redness, pimple, enlarged blood vessels on the face (causing red lines), burning sensations. Usually caused by bacteria in the gut. 


Psoriasis. Skin cells multiplying up to 10 times faster than normal. Causes red plaques covered with white scales. Itchy, causing lesions, disorders of the nails, plaques of scales or crust on the scalp. 


Perioral Dermatitis. Facial rash, bumps around the mouth. Caused by topical application of steroid creams and usually treated with antibiotics. 


Eczema. Chronic skin disorder characterized by itching rashes, which may be red, scaly, dry, or leathery. There may be skin blisters with oozing and crusting. Itchy, red and dry skin caused by inflammation. The most common form is called atopic dermatitis. Treatments include cortisone creams, pills, antibiotics, antihistamines and phototherapy. 

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