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3 Beginner Friendly Yoga Poses

Incorporating Yoga poses into your weekly routine can help improve your flexibility and balance. Yoga is also a great way to stretch your body and offers a time of relaxation. 

Why not try these 3 beginner friendly yoga poses to start your yoga journey.

Child's Pose (Balasana):

  • Kneel on the floor with your big toes touching and knees apart.
  • Sit back on your heels and extend your arms in front of you.
  • Lower your chest toward the mat and rest your forehead on the ground.
  • Breathe deeply and relax in this gentle stretch for your back and hips.

Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana):

  • Start on your hands and knees in a tabletop position.
  • Tuck your toes and lift your hips toward the ceiling, forming an inverted "V" shape.
  • Press your palms into the mat, engage your core, and relax your head and neck.
  • Stretch through your hamstrings, calves, and shoulders while breathing deeply.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana):

  • Lie on your stomach with your palms placed next to your shoulders.
  • Press into your hands, lift your chest off the mat, and straighten your arms.
  • Keep your legs engaged and gently arch your back, looking up or slightly forward.
  • Cobra pose helps open the chest, strengthen the spine, and improve posture.

Remember to listen to your body and practice within your comfort level. These simple yoga poses can help improve flexibility, balance, and overall relaxation. If you're new to yoga, consider taking a class with a certified instructor to learn proper alignment and techniques.

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