Harvest 2017


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After working through the most challenging harvest weather conditions experienced by our farmers for over 40 years, we have now completed the Celtic Wind Crops 2017 Hemp harvest.

Cultivated by our dedicated team, this years yield stood tall at an impressive 3.5 meters and stretched over 100 acres of clean soil, producing one of the most abundant Hemp yields in the world. With communication and co-operation at the centre of everything we do. Our hemp experts, engineers, dedicated farmers and combine operators worked tirelessly, day and night, harvesting over five weeks. This ancient crop is exceptionally strong and harvesting Hemp requires a skill set which brings together people from around the world. It also requires a broad range of complex modifications to farming and harvesting equipment. Experience is key when dealing with the pressure of a crop which requires a delicate and deliberate process, that must be completed within a very short timeframe. There is no margin for error.



Protecting the Environment

It’s not all about the harvest of the crop either, we have a role to play in sustaining and protecting the local ecological environment. An impressive harvest of seed bursting with goodness is just part of our story this year. Over the past number of weeks, and under the watchful eye of the proud Cooley Peninsula, our team have seen the return of the long absent white butterflies, bumble bees and lady bugs. All evidence of the pronounced effect that Hemp has had on the Irish landscape. We say no to herbicides and pesticides and recognise the importance of allowing Mother Nature wield her magic. We are proud to do our part in protecting the welfare of all local wildlife and we respect the connections that nature has crafted over the decades, and also the intricate relationship that particular species have developed over time, through pollination in particular. As we grow as a company, the positive ecological impact continues to be seen in many different ways across the Celtic Wind landscape and we look forward to sharing many more positive ecological stories with you throughout our journey.

Exciting Times

With harvest now complete, Celtic Wind Crops has its 2018 sales volumes underpinned by substantial supplies of high quality nutrient dense raw materials that will continue to delight and surprise our loyal existing customers and new customers going forward.

It is a testament to the faith, belief, pride and passion of the Celtic Wind team, that this new industry is expanding exponentially to the mutual benefit of all involved. Managing and overseeing every aspect of the process ourselves, from “seed to store”. We are proud to be working with and growing this amazing ancient plant on the Island of Ireland, known throughout the world for its rich farming fields and goldilocks weather!

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